Economic Transformation Technologies (ETT) to Support the Institute of Haiti Statistics and Informatics (IHSI)

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Collaboration to Modernize Haiti’s Public Sector Through the Development and Implementation of Computer Technologies and Digital Transformation

FRISCO, TexasMarch 18, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Economic Transformation Technologies Corporation (ETT) announced that the Company has received an invitation to support the Institute of Haiti Statistics and Informatics (IHSI), the agency responsible for coordinating public information efforts of Haiti and in charge of coordinating all technologies and digitalization of the country. The collaboration is centered primarily on the reinforcement of the capacities of IHSI especially in the field of human resources for the development of computer technologies necessary for the modernization of the country’s public sector.

“We are honored to be approved to provide technical support to help enhance the digitalization transformation of Haiti,” stated Angelo Viard, ETT’s President of International Business Development & Infrastructure. “This project is long overdue to support the development of democracy and accountability for improved transparency.”

The Haitian Government has established a threefold roadmap structure toward digital transformation which includes the renovation of the administrative system, as well as strengthening the coordination of government action and territorial governance, and, lastly, public finance reform and economic governance.

ETT’s support of IHSI will improve the delivery of public services to users throughout the country by enhancing the interconnection of Government entities at all levels. A results-oriented ecosystem will be implemented through a digitalization process. The outcome will support the deployment of a blockchain strategic approach for civil service and electronic governance.

The collaboration between ETT and IHSI will also enhance resource mobilization and governance of local finances by promoting internal digital Gourdes, the currency of Haiti, and minimizing overall budget framework for better allocation and resource usage. Treasury and public accounts will be incorporated with external control and transparency as well.

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Post Date: Thu, March 18, 2021 | Original postdate: Thu, March 18, 2021 | Reposted from Yahoo!Finance