Economic Transformation Technologies (ETT) to Joint Venture with RIDEX AG to Develop and Quickly Expand its International Revenue Contracts

Post Date: Feb 16, 2021 | Original postdate: Feb 18, 2021 | Reposted from Yahoo!Finance

New Agreement Allows for Delivery of a Wide Range of Ready-made Technology Products for Governments and Government Agencies

FRISCO, Texas Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ Economic Transformation Technologies Corporation (ETT) announced that the company has signed a joint venture agreement with RIDEX AG Smart Identification Systems, headquartered in Switzerland to sell, market, distribute, license and sublicense certain technology products and services of RIDEX AG to ETT’s potential customers in sovereign countries as part of ETT’s suite of technology services. RIDEX AG creates identification documents, systems for personalizing identification documents using laser engraving technology, and manufactures highly secure biometric passports and identity cards, creating digital government integrated population registration systems.

“This joint venture with RIDEX is timely and very exciting for ETT and ultimately for our international clients we have been building since my recent appointment,” stated Angelo Viard, President of International Business Development for ETT. “RIDEX’s extensive portfolio of technology software and products includes desktop systems, laser engraving, the actual printing of electronic passports, as well as centralized issuance of financial cards in large volumes. We appreciate how they pay exceptional attention to high quality, high reliability of card personalization. Their reliable and secure service is known throughout the globe and will be well-received by ETT potential customers as part of our new business development initiatives.”

RIDEX AG is the only scientific and industrial closed cycle company in the world that produces polymer and paper-based electronic identification documents in a single engineering and manufacturing chain. The company possesses its own unique technologies in the field of biometrics, high-security document production, information systems, lasers, polycarbonate, distinctive de-metalized holograms, personalized with I-Met technology application, contact and contactless chips, solutions in excise stamp accounting and control, and comprehensive solutions for preventing counterfeiting and falsification of goods and documents.

“We are pleased to partner with Angelo and ETT’s International Business Development Division. They have been creating many new inroads for technology applications in countries around the world. With this partnership, together we will be able to increase our joint presence and promote security in countries that are looking for solutions, such as digitizing their documents, creating new digital management and identification systems,” commented Yuliia Novytska, President of RIDEX AG. “ETT will now be able to incorporate the value of collaborative innovation that we built to serve turn-key large-scale solutions to sovereign nations and multi-national corporations as a single one-stop partner, which excites us. By teaming up with ETT, it will allow us to be optimally successful as well as broaden our collaborative relationship.”

Denis J. Gallagher CEO of ETT said, “This is another very creative and collaborative partnership we are developing at ETT. RIDEX AG is extremely well known around the world for their secure documentation process along with a host of notable products. This partnership offers us access to leverage their quality technology and services to further increase both companies’ revenues as we expand and deploy ETT’s diverse products and services.”

RIDEX clients include state institutions (ministries and departments) responsible for managing identity information and issuance of electronic identification documents; banks and financial institutions issuing electronic banking and multifunctional cards; manufacturers of electronic documents; local system integrators; producers of identity cards and smart cards; and state printing and mint yards.

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Post Date: Feb 16, 2021 | Original postdate: Feb 18, 2021 | Reposted from Yahoo!Finance